Operating out of the Detroit-adjacent island of Hamtramck, Prude Boys represent a deceptively smart strand of rock and roll. Sharp and direct, the trio’s songs hide wit, humor and severity under wild exteriors and booze-soaked screams.

The band formed in 2013 and immediately got to work. On an accelerated track, Prude Boys moved quickly past the early stage bands often go through, using frequent Detroit area gigs and gnarly self-booked tours as an incubator for new songs. Soon they not only solidified their lineup with bassist Caroline Thornbury, guitarist Quennton Thornbury and drummer Connor Dodson but also toured extensively and put out multiple D.I.Y. cassettes and vinyl only EP releases. Being highly active from the start made for a rapidly developing sound as well. Prude Boys grew from stripped-down garage punk beginnings into a tightly wound machine churning out high energy sounds in a multi-colored blur. By the time of their Burger Records compilation release So Far in 2018, the band had grown into something strange and controlled without losing the dive bar rawness they started from. 

All the crazy shows, late nights and hungover mornings densify on Prude Boys’ self-titled album. Recorded close to home in Hamtramck with Adam Cox, the 13 songs keep a core of good-time rock and roll but see the group branching out into more involved territory. Caroline and Quennton (who at some point on the creative journey went from dating to married) trade off on lead vocals, Caroline’s shadowy alto serving as a counterpoint for Quennton’s unhinged howls. The band moves through ripping revenge songs, glam-touched graveyard jams and sunny, melodic pop. More varied than anything they’ve done before, the songs can be as threatening as the brooding “Tangled Hair”, straightforward as the hooky mournful anthem “The Reunion”, or as intense as the heart-gripping ballad “Daddy”.